HB39 has passed the Senate Agriculture committee after being amended as we requested.  We did not get everything we wanted but what was signed into Law was reasonable in our opinion. 


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Now the PA State Animal Response Team Needs Our Help!

After sheltering dozens of pets through recent ice storms, TS Irene, TS Lee and Superstorm Sandy, and many smaller disasters, a drying up of Federal grant funding endangers this vital effort.

Since 2006, the PA State Animal Response Team has used millions of Federal grant dollars to train and equip teams of volunteers in every PA county.  These teams with their trailers of supplies and equipment, stand ready to throw together an emergency shelter for pet and production animals any where in the Commonwealth on a few hours notice.  But now a loss of Federal grant money endangers their ability to respond.

After years of trying to get the attention of lawmakers regarding the needs of citizens with pets in disasters, Hurricane Katrina brought the point home with a thud.  Now that teams are equiped and some are trained here in PA, a lesser amount of funding is need to sustain the organization on an annual basis.  That funding would pay the salary of the PASART Executive Director, the insurance for our volunteers and help offset training costs for those volunteers.

The Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs is committed to supporting PASART.  You can help by encouraging your Kennel Club, Training Club, Cat Club or other pet related organization to donate to PASART, a 501c3 organization.  If you know of any private or local community based grants that could help, please send a note to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Additionally, contacts to PA Legislators in Harrisburg to inform them of the value your organization sees in PASART will help.  Budget season is fast approaching and we expect the next one to be even tighter than the last, so every positive note of support will help.