Despite some good amendments to the Bill as requested by the Governor Corbin's office,  HB82 of 2013 has a major flaw that would allow your animals to be taken from you and placed in new homes before your day in court.  It is now Law!


The News

Some radical animal rights groups, including the Humane Society of
the United States (HSUS) are pushing this idea because Pennsylvania “gets
bad grades for its Cruelty Laws.” The problem is, those same groups are
the ones handing out the bad grades. This is probably because the
Legislature has not passed a lot of their radical agenda.

This task force proposal and list of Task Force members, including
HSUS, comes directly from Governor Wolf. HSUS is the most vociferous animal rights lobbying
organization in the United States and is not a true animal welfare organization. They are very active in
Pennsylvania, and as such, should not be included on a proposed task force whose main purpose is to
change our animal abuse laws and regulations. While the makeup of this proposed task force as outlined
in Senate Resolution 35 appears to be balanced, it is not. We are very concerned that by cherry picking
representatives of the stakeholders, it will not represent the wide range of backgrounds and viewpoints
stated in the resolution. Rather, it will be strongly biased towards the views of the radical animal rights
groups pushing for its creation. The required membership is not representative - it excludes farmers,
hunters, sportsmen, small breeders, the public and others who may be stakeholders impacted by any
recommendations by the Task Force.
The PA Federation of Dog Clubs feels the legislative process has been working well in the Commonwealth
and commends the Legislature on their thoughtful work on most of the proposals put forth in
recent years. The changes to the Dog Law and their corresponding kennel regulations have done a lot to
clean up the substandard kennels that embarrassed many of us in PA. There are changes pending in the
current session that will stiffen the penalties for specific acts of cruelty and we support many of those. It
seems to us the deliberative process is working as designed.
Again, the PFDC does not see the need for a task force to address the Commonwealth's Cruelty Laws,
but we would be willing to be represented on such a task force if the Legislature ultimately decides to
create it. We represent dozens of canine organizations across the Commonwealth including all-breed
kennel clubs, individual breed specialty clubs, dog training clubs, rescues and others. The citizens of PA
who make up these organizations devote much of their free time to raising, training and loving man's best friend, and are some of the most knowledgeable people to be found on their issues.