PFDC Opposes Pet Limits as Missing the Point

Many communities like Waynesboro PA try to deal with issues of animal cruelty and irresponsible pet ownership by limiting the number of pets its citizens may keep. The PA Federation of Dog Clubs agrees with a handful of court decisions across the country that conclude such laws miss the mark.


The News

PFDC logoPFDC Statement on Victoria’s Bill

Senate Bill 44 has officially been introduced, so here is why we DO NOT SUPPORT this proposal…


  • The proposal will do little to impact substandard commercial kennels because the number of brick & mortar pet stores that sell animals is almost nil.  This proposal attacks an almost non-existent problem.  Most substandard commercial kennels ply their trade via the internet.
  • Even though this proposal will ostensibly not impact responsible breeders, we can see the commentary in social media by supporters.  We know the majority of proponents of the Bill wish it impacted “backyard breeders” and most say that will be their next target.  The breeders who make up our member organizations put thousands of dollar and hundreds of hours into raising quality dogs of their beloved breed, and no reasonable person would label them “backyard breeders”.  However, we have little doubt the radicals behind this proposal see us that way and are undoubtedly designing their next drive after getting this one across the goal line.
  • In 2008, the PA Federation of Dog Clubs cooperated with many organizations to strengthen the PA Dog Law and kennel regulations.  As a result, many substandard commercial kennels shutdown and others spent thousands to comply with the new standards of care.  We understand others went underground and continue to operate illegally.  We therefore call on the Legislature to restore funding taken from the Dog Law Restricted account to balance the General Fund budget in 2010 so that Dog Law Enforcement can adequately enforce the very changes we all worked to enact.  Last session HB1463 sought to raise individual dog license fees for the first time in 25 years.  We support that and believe it should be expanded to include kennel license fees to improve enforcement.  Only until this is done and current laws are adequately enforced should we consider and new, radical proposals like Victoria’s Bill.
  • During the Ridge Administration we worked with many groups to pass the PA Puppy Lemon Law.  This gave consumers some protection when purchasing a puppy from a licensed kennel, including a pet shop kennel, including options to get veterinary treatment covered up to the purchase price of the dog.  We have been working with the Attorney General’s office since to improve some aspects of that Law and last session that Bill was SB54.  We have been told that those reforms will be reintroduced soon.  We believe this legislation should be enacted and given a chance to have an impact before considering Victoria’s Bill.
  • We have seen anecdotal evidence that some underground commercial kennels have begun posing as rescues and offering puppies for an “adoption fee”.  This proposal would encourage this fraud because shelters and rescues are not inspected or regulated to anywhere near the level of commercial operations.

The preamble of the Bill is chocked full of "facts" and figures from radical groups that cannot be verified or are known to be false.

We are saddened and disgusted by use of mistreated animals like Libre and Victoria as props for political purposes.  Let’s debate the merits of such legislation on scientific facts not emotions.