Despite some good amendments to the Bill as requested by the Governor Corbin's office,  HB82 of 2013 has a major flaw that would allow your animals to be taken from you and placed in new homes before your day in court.  It is now Law!


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Legislator Attempts to Regulate Use of Outdoor Enclosures for Dogs with One-Size-Fits-All Proposal

Statement regarding SB551: It’s another bill written by national radical animal organizations and foisted on legislators who do not understand that different breeds have different needs.  Some dogs do fine in cold weather and others will die if let out for short periods.  The same with hot weather.


The legislature is finally getting around to permitting the same entry into cars if children are left alone and endangered as they have for dogs.

It would make a whole lot more sense to require acclimatization appropriate for the breed. I have a kennel with indoor-outdoor runs. If my dogs go out voluntarily from their air-conditioned indoor part and stay in the outdoor part, do I have to have water outside? Does the indoor part qualify as an appropriate housing facility for dogs outdoors even though it is not outdoors?

We need to strongly oppose this and ask for common sense laws that are focused on appropriate care for the breed, not one size fits all laws that actually may endanger the health of the dogs.