HB39 has passed the Senate Agriculture committee after being amended as we requested.  We did not get everything we wanted but what was signed into Law was reasonable in our opinion. 


The News

How did it happen and why we recommend the endorsement of Senator Mastriano for PA Governor

During 2021, the PFDC Legislative Committee received requests for assistance from various individuals throughout the Commonwealth whose dogs had been confiscated by deception, intimidation, harassment, threats, missing due process and other unethical means. These individuals were charged with cruelty and several cases are still on going as of this writing. The majority of charges against these individuals were simple things that most responsible breeders would consider normal occurrences, such as 'cloudy water in outside buckets', ear mites, nail trimming, etc.  None of these individuals had the number of dogs required for a PA kennel license. The majority of these dogs were considered 'high dollar purebreds'.  In these situations, the dogs were confiscated and made to disappear.  The legislative committee worked side by side with these devastated individuals, their families and children to help them including locating proper legal representation.  We contacted those Senators and House Representatives that we had already formed relationships with and advised them of the abuse of Constitutional Rights that were permitted under Governor Wolfe's Libre's Law. 


It was recommended to PA Senator Mastriano's Liaison to contact us regarding these incidents and advised him that the PFDC was assisting the wrongfully accused individuals.  The Liaison called and advised that he was told to find out if our organization was an Animals Rights organization and if so, they were not interested in working with us.  The Liaison was told that we are an animal welfare organization and they understand the difference.  Several hours later, the PFDC Legislation Chair received a call from Senator Mastriano. Since that conversation, we have been provided with VIP status at all of his rallies and have maintained communication with him.  The endorsement of Doug Mastriano for Governor is uniquely and exclusively formed from his support of Dog Related issues that we represent. No other public policy issues were considered.  He has sought to forge this relationship with the PFDC and sees us as a leader among our aligned partners. 

The Senator:

* 37 year veteran who has fought for our freedom - Retired - Colonel Doug Mastriano

* Is a Constitutionalist - he follows the Constitution as written with regards to searches & seizures

* Understands the AR agenda and their existence in government agencies

* Is anti AR and willing to assist us


But first - he needs to get elected in order to help us move our agenda forward !!

The PFDC Legislation Committee has worked hard to educate and form alliances with politicians that understand the issues facing our dog and agricultural communities in the Commonwealth.  We are not taking this election nor an endorsement lightly. It is our opportunity, for our side, to finally be the first heard.  Let's not lose the position for which we have fought.