We believe the current Dangerous Dog Law is good, if properly enforced, and with increased public education on its use. As a compromise, we will not oppose the language that would label a dog dangerous after its first bite involving injury or death. However, in return we want the language automatically charging the owner or keeper with harboring a dangerous dog in this instance, dropped.
Senator Killion's staff and Senate Ag Committee staff seem to be unwilling to compromise, so this will likely pass the Senate Ag Committee. Contact your PA State Senators now to voice your concerns with SB798.

PFDC Opposes Pet Limits as Missing the Point

Many communities like Waynesboro PA try to deal with issues of animal cruelty and irresponsible pet ownership by limiting the number of pets its citizens may keep. The PA Federation of Dog Clubs agrees with a handful of court decisions across the country that conclude such laws miss the mark.

Pet Limit Ordinances punish responsible, law-abiding citizens in an effort to deal with the irresponsible and lawless. In general, the courts have seen no evidence provided by the government leaders in these cases that an arbitrary numeric limit solves the issue intended. In fact, the plaintiffs in these cases have shown data from the communities own animal control officers that many who are repeatedly cited for animal cruelty, allowing their animals to roam at large, and harboring dangerous dogs, have fewer than the limit would allow. They have also shown that those in dog and cat clubs in the community, who have more than the designated limit, are not on record for these violations. Further, those that participate in civic minded kennel and cat clubs are often the ones who step forward to help with the animal control issues in their communities. For these reason, and many more, the PA Federation of Dog Clubs asks those currently considering pet limit laws, to listen to the counterproposals being offered. The kennel and cat clubs in your communities have the knowledgeable and caring people who can make a difference, and make it a better place to live for all.