We have known for about a year that the Dog Law Restricted Account would go into the red if current licensing levels continued and fees stayed where they are. Fees have not changed since 1996.


House Bill HB1463 would raise individual Dog Licensing fees as follows:


The News

H2532 of 2008 is now H 39 of 2009.  The language is unchanged from the old version.  It is available at HB 39 Text.

I sent Caltagirone's staff a memo outlining changes required t bring the law into line with constitutional protections and to make the section on ear cropping at least parallel to the other sections.  None showed up in the bill as submitted.

My additions (in blue) and removals (red) are in this copy of HB2532 with my mark up.  In addition to the changes suggested for ear cropping to make make legal cropping done under the immediate supervision of a veterinarian, they don't seem to care that the record-keeping requirements as drafted are unconstitutionally vague and would prevent enforcement of the law as written.

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Julian Prager
Legislative Chair, Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs
Member, Governor's Dog Law Advisory Board
NAIA Legislative Analyst