A Bill that was fast-tracked through the PA House of Representatives, Senate and signed by Governor Wolf is not what it claims to be. The statements to the media by its sponsors imply that it is only a restructuring of existing Cruelty Laws and some increase in the category of some of those offenses (i.e. from a summary offense to third degree misdemeanor). While those elements are in the House Bill 1238, there are also some troubling provisions in it that are not part of current PA Law.  This new Law is a disaster for anyone who values their Liberty and Rights.


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1  Commonwealth, by certifying, under oath, that the ear or ears of    

2  such dog were cut or cropped before this section became    

3  effective, and the payment of a fee of $1 into the county    

4  treasury. The said treasurer shall thereupon issue to such    

5  person a certificate showing such dog to be a lawfully cropped    

6  dog.]    

7         (2)  (i)  A person commits a summary offense if the    

8         person debarks a dog by cutting, causing or procuring the    

9         cutting of its vocal cords or by altering, causing or   

10         procuring the alteration of any part of its resonance   

11         chamber.   

12             (ii)  The provisions of this paragraph shall not   

13         prevent a veterinarian from cutting the vocal cords or   

14         otherwise altering the resonance chamber of a dog when   

15         the dog is anesthetized and shall not prevent a person   

16         from causing or procuring a debarking procedure by a   

17         veterinarian.   

18             (iii)  The possession by a person of a dog with the   

19         vocal cords cut or the resonance chamber otherwise   

20         altered and with the wound resulting therefrom unhealed   

21         shall be prima facie evidence of a violation of this   

22         paragraph by the person, except as provided in this   

23         paragraph.   

24             (iv)  A person residing in or doing business in the Commonwealth who procures the cutting of vocal   

25         cords or the alteration of the resonance chamber of a dog   

26         shall record the procedure including, but not limited to the name of the person performing the procedure, his or her qualification to perform the procedure, and the date and location at which it was performed.  The record shall be kept as long as the dog is in his or her possession and shall be transferred with the dog.    27         (3)  (i)  A person commits a summary offense if the   

28         person docks, cuts off, causes or procures the docking or   

29         cutting off of the tail of a dog over three FIVE days      <--   

30         old.    20080H2532B4327                  - 3 -