A Bill that was fast-tracked through the PA House of Representatives, Senate and signed by Governor Wolf is not what it claims to be. The statements to the media by its sponsors imply that it is only a restructuring of existing Cruelty Laws and some increase in the category of some of those offenses (i.e. from a summary offense to third degree misdemeanor). While those elements are in the House Bill 1238, there are also some troubling provisions in it that are not part of current PA Law.  This new Law is a disaster for anyone who values their Liberty and Rights.


The News


     1     person to any place kept or used for animal fighting;    

2         (3)  owns, possesses, keeps, trains, promotes, purchases,    

3     steals or acquires in any manner or knowingly sells any    

4     animal for animal fighting;    

5         (4)  in any way knowingly encourages, aids or assists    

6     therein;    

7         (5)  wagers on the outcome of an animal fight;    

8         (6)  pays for admission to an animal fight or attends an    

9     animal fight as a spectator; or    

10         (7)  knowingly permits any place under his control or   

11     possession to be kept or used for animal fighting.   

12  [This subsection shall not apply to activity undertaken in a    13  normal agricultural operation.]    14     * * *    15     (o.2)  Limited authority to enforce summary offenses in   

16  certain counties.--   

17         (1)  A State dog warden who has authority under section   

18     901(a) of the act of December 7, 1982 (P.L.784, No.225),   

19     known as the Dog Law, shall have authority to enforce this   

20     section in a county in which there is no humane society   

21     police officer appointed under 22 Pa.C.S. Ch. 37 (relating to   

22     humane society police officers). Authority provided under   

23     this subsection may only be exercised in the enforcement of   

24     summary offenses particular to acts or omissions on dogs in   

25     the operation of an establishment licensed or required to be   

26     licensed as a kennel under the Dog Law.    27         (2)  A State dog warden shall have no enforcement   

28     authority under this subsection unless the warden has    29     successfully completed all of the minimum requirements for    30     initial training and additional training under 22 Pa.C.S. §§    20080H2532B4327                  - 6 -