Despite some good amendments to the Bill as requested by the Governor Corbin's office,  HB82 of 2013 has a major flaw that would allow your animals to be taken from you and placed in new homes before your day in court.  It is now Law!


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1     3712 (relating to training program) and 3713 (relating to    

2     continuing education program).    

3         (3)  A State dog warden shall have no authority under    

4     this subsection to seize any dog except pursuant to the    

5     search of a kennel premises for which a search warrant has    

6     been issued in accordance with the applicable provisions of     

7     the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure. A State dog    

8     warden shall not file, obtain or execute any search warrant    

9     unless the warden has complied with the requirements for   

10     prior approval under 22 Pa.C.S. § 3710 (relating to search   

11     warrants). The authority of a dog warden to obtain or execute   

12     search warrants or to seize dogs under this section shall not   

13     exceed the authority under subsection (l).    14         (4)  This subsection shall not be construed as modifying,   

15     rescinding or superseding any authority of State dog wardens   

16     under the Dog Law.   

17     * * *   

18     Section 2.  This act shall take effect as follows:   

19         (1)  The amendment of 18 Pa.C.S. § 5511(h.1) shall take   

20     effect in 60 days.   

21         (2)  The remainder of this act shall take effect

22     immediately.