SB907 was introduced by Senator Yaw to create an advisory board to review any and all animal legislation prior to being forwarded to the legislators for consideration. This advisory board would also be tasked with reviewing and recommending changes to current existing PA State animal laws.
The advisory board is comprised of representatives from a variety of organizations that have an interest in animal welfare as well as animal rights.
To be truthful and transparent, simply put, it will be the battleground for newly introduced legislation as well as advocating changes in existing legislation.


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HARRISBURG - Department of Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff today thanked more than 50 volunteers who donated time and resources this week to help care for 216 dogs that were seized from the Almost Heaven Kennels in Emmaus, Lehigh County.

The raid permanently closed the operation using the recently improved Dog Law.
Wolff said the volunteers - representing the Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team (SART) and County Animal Response Teams (CART) - proved incredibly valuable in quickly removing the dogs from an unsafe and unhealthy situation so they can begin their course to a better life.
"With the commitment of these dedicated volunteers, our staff was able to execute the raid and seize the dogs to provide better lives for these animals moving forward," said Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff. "This is just one example of the way these animal teams help animals in distress. Their work is vital no matter what the emergency situation."

Wolff also recognized the Pennsylvania State Police for help in securing the Almost Heaven Kennel during the Tuesday, June 23 raid, and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency for activating the CART teams and volunteers.
The CART and SART volunteers worked with the Agriculture Department and the Humane Society of the United States to care for the dogs that were temporarily housed in the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg.
Several CART and SART volunteers assisted in the raid and many more were at the Farm Show Complex preparing for the arrival of the dogs by assembling and setting up the rows of crates. As the dogs arrived, the volunteers unloaded them and tended to them by providing food and water, and cleaning their cages.
"These volunteers selflessly put their own lives and jobs on hold to help rescue and care for animals," said Dr. Nanette Hanshaw, a Department of Agriculture veterinarian and board member for SART.
SART is a partnership of federal and state governmental, corporate and private entities to support the prevention, preparedness, response and recovery of all animal species for any type of emergency or disaster. To help on the local level, the group enlists CARTs, appointing a county coordinator to lead the county volunteer teams.
CART team members from Carbon, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lebanon, Perry and Schuylkill counties were on hand to assist as veterinarians inspected the dogs. Each dog received a check up prior to being offered for adoption at shelters and rescues across the state.
People interested in adoption should visit the Humane Society's Web site to find a shelter housing the dogs.  Those interested in becoming a CART volunteer should visit

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