The Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs supports and concurs with the Auditor General of Pennsylvania that the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement, under the Department of Agriculture is underfunded and in danger of going into the red.


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Legislator Attempts to Regulate Use of Outdoor Enclosures for Dogs with One-Size-Fits-All Proposal

Statement regarding SB551: It’s another bill written by national radical animal organizations and foisted on legislators who do not understand that different breeds have different needs.  Some dogs do fine in cold weather and others will die if let out for short periods.  The same with hot weather.


Senator Michele Brooks has introduced SB29 mandating the creation of a Lost and Found Dog database at the Department of Agriculture.  Some unscrupulous online resources were collecting data on lost and found pets, and then charging owners for the information when they came looking for help.  We asked Senator Brooks to add language requiring shelters and rescues to check the database when the take-in a new pet and again when they adopt it out.  We have heard many stories about owners finding their dog after the shelter had already adopted it out to a new home.

PFDC logoPFDC Statement on Victoria’s Bill

Senate Bill 44 has officially been introduced, so here is why we DO NOT SUPPORT this proposal…



Colonial Rottweiler Club PFDC OCOutstanding PFDC Member Club for 2015

  • Colonial Rottweiler Club (pictured is CRC Delegate to the PFDC Kelly Skiptunas and PFDC Board member Dr. Elaine Miller) and the Delaware County Kennel Club share the top award. They received a certificate and $150.00 each.
  • Old York Dog Training Club received a first honorable mention certificate and $75.00
  • Suburban Dog Training Club received a second honorable mention certificate and $50.00
  • Liberty English Cocker Spaniel Club received a third honorable mention certificate and $25 check

Congratulations to all these clubs for their efforts to reach out to the public! We know they are not alone and we encourage our member clubs to let us know what they're up to.

A huge thank you to the members of the Penn Treaty Kennel Club for their donation of $750 to the PA State Animal Response Team for continued operations expenses.  With this donation, the total given to PASART by the PA Federation of Dog Clubs and its member canine organizations to $1600!  We are certainly doing our part to keep this vital emergency program in place for our dogs and their owners going forward.