The Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team and its County Animal Response Teams (CARTs) opened dozens of shelters...


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Colonial Rottweiler Club PFDC OCOutstanding PFDC Member Club for 2015

  • Colonial Rottweiler Club (pictured is CRC Delegate to the PFDC Kelly Skiptunas and PFDC Board member Dr. Elaine Miller) and the Delaware County Kennel Club share the top award. They received a certificate and $150.00 each.
  • Old York Dog Training Club received a first honorable mention certificate and $75.00
  • Suburban Dog Training Club received a second honorable mention certificate and $50.00
  • Liberty English Cocker Spaniel Club received a third honorable mention certificate and $25 check

Congratulations to all these clubs for their efforts to reach out to the public! We know they are not alone and we encourage our member clubs to let us know what they're up to.

A huge thank you to the members of the Penn Treaty Kennel Club for their donation of $750 to the PA State Animal Response Team for continued operations expenses.  With this donation, the total given to PASART by the PA Federation of Dog Clubs and its member canine organizations to $1600!  We are certainly doing our part to keep this vital emergency program in place for our dogs and their owners going forward.

Or change the leadership structure to elect a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary from the volunteer Board and have those officers run the daily operations of the organization.

The Federal grants from the Department of Homeland Security that funded the start up of the PA State Animal Response Team have dried up.  Unless and until there is another large scale terrorist attack or major natural disaster, we do not anticipate that focus will return to such civil defense matters.  As a result, PASART no longer has the ability to pay an Executive Director.  Mr. Joel Hersh continues in that position as a volunteer at this point which the PFDC finds totally unacceptable.


SB 1107 introduced by Senator Alloway - Extends the prohibition on licensing a kennel that has had its license revoked on the same premises by a family member or who has a close association with the prior owner equivalent to a family relationship.  This stems from a case where Dog Law revoked the license of an individual and then had to license the same operation to his wife who was not changed previously.


The PFDC supports this legislation.

SB 863 deals with animals owned by the holder of a protection from abuse order.  Should such an animal be harmed by the target of the PFA, increased penalties would apply compared to other humane law violations.  The increased penalties may include up to two years in prison and up to a $2,000 fine.

The PFDC supports this legislation.