PFDC Opposes Pet Limits as Missing the Point

Many communities like Waynesboro PA try to deal with issues of animal cruelty and irresponsible pet ownership by limiting the number of pets its citizens may keep. The PA Federation of Dog Clubs agrees with a handful of court decisions across the country that conclude such laws miss the mark.


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Now the PA State Animal Response Team Needs Our Help!

After sheltering dozens of pets through recent ice storms, TS Irene, TS Lee and Superstorm Sandy, and many smaller disasters, a drying up of Federal grant funding endangers this vital effort.


The Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team and its County Animal Response Teams (CARTs) opened dozens of shelters...


The PA State Animal Response Team and its network of County Animal Response Teams were recognized by the PA Legislature during Disaster Preparedness Month and Animals in Disaster Week.

Read House Resolution 947 for yourself to learn a little more about this vital emergency planning effort.  Then consider volunteering at the PASART web site and contribute your canine knowledge to the community in which you live.

MARK SCOLFORO, Associated Press Writer
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) ― The Pennsylvania Supreme Court says the nonprofit group that enforces Pennsylvania's animal control laws doesn't qualify for immunity from lawsuits because of that work.


Question -

The law seems to say that tail docking and dewclaw removal can be done by the breeder prior to 5 days of age - is this correct?

You can dock dogs 5 days old or younger; they cannot be docked by a breeder over 5 days of age.