PFDC Online Electronic Directory

Member Clubs

Club Name Club Type Club Code E-mail Web Site
Admiral Perry Obedience Training Club Training  OP
Airedale Terrier Club of Greater Philadelphia Airedale Terrier  SA
Allentown Dog Training Club Training  OA
American Eskimo Dog Fanciers Club of Greater Philadelphia American Eskimo Dog  SBB
Anthracite Brittany Club Brittany  SAB
Back Mountain Kennel Club Other  A
Bald Eagle Kennel Club Other  BE
Beaver County Kennel Club Other  C
Berks County Dog Training Club Training  OB
Berks County Kennel Club Other  D
Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Watchung Bernese Mountain Dog  ZB
Borzoi Club of the Delaware Valley BORZOI  SD email:
Bucks County Kennel Club Other  F
Bucks Mont Owner Handler Assoc. Other  XA
Bull Terrier Club of Philadelphia BULL TERRIER  SG
Bulldog Club of Philadelphia BULLDOG  SH
Bushy Run Kennel Club Other  JJ
Butler Dog Training Association Training  OQ
Carlisle Dog Club Other  II
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of DV Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  SI, Fax 610-359-7552
Chambersburg Area Kennel Club Other  H
Chester Valley Kennel Club Other  I
Colonial Rottweiler Club ROTTWEILER  SJJ
Dachshund Fanciers Assoc. of Berks County DACHSHUND  SM
DE Valley Cardigan Welsh Corgi Assoc. Cardigan Welsh Corgi  SUU
DE Valley Chinese Crested Dog Club Chinese Crested  SJ Fax 215-379-0163
Delaware County Kennel Club Other  J
Delaware Valley Bullmastiff Club Bullmastiff  SBM
Delaware Valley Dalmation Club Dalmation  SN
Delaware Valley German Shepherd Dog Club GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG  SP
Delaware Valley Havanese Club Havanese  SDH
Delaware Valley Manchester Terrier Club Manchester Terrier (Standard)  SZ
Delaware Valley Soft Coated Wheaten Club Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier  SPP
Delaware Valley Toy Dog Fanciers Other  K
Delaware Valley Weimaraner Club WEIMARANER  STT
Delaware Valley Yorkshire Terrier Club Yorkshire Terrier  SWW
Devon Dog Show Association Other  L
Doberman Pinscher Rescue of PA Other  XE
Dog Training Club of Chester County Training  OD
Dog Training Club of York Training  OE
Erie Kennel Club Other  M
Great Dane Club of Lehigh Valley Great Dane  ST
Great Dane Club of PA GREAT DANE  SU
Greater Philadelphia Dog Fanciers Assoc. Other  N
Greater Pittsburgh Golden Retriever Club Retriever (Golden)  SPG
Greater Pittsburgh Labrador Retriever Club Retriever (Labrador)  SPL
Greater Pittsburgh Standard Schnauzer Club STANDARD SCHNAUZER  SSS
Greater Valley Forge Rhodesian Ridgeback Club RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK  SII
Harrisburg Kennel Club Other  O
Hatboro Dog Club Other  P
Hilltown Dog Training Club Training  OF
Huntingdon Valley Kennel Club Other  Q
Interstate Shetland Sheepdog Club Shetland Sheepdog  SNN
Irish Wolfhound Assoc. of Delaware Valley IRISH WOLFHOUND  SW
Kan-Do K9 Sports Association Training  OR
Keeshond Club of Delaware Valley KEESHOND  SX
Kennel Club of Philadelphia Other  R Fax 215-419-6196
Keystone Cocker Spaniel Club Spaniels (Cocker)  SQQ
Keystone Collie Club COLLIE  SL
Keystone English Springer Spaniel Club Spaniels (English Springer)  SRR
Lancaster Kennel Club Other  T or Gail Hillard
Laurel Highland Kennel Assoc. Other  U
Lebanon County Kennel Club Other  V
Lehigh German Shepherd Dog Club GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG  SQ
Lehigh Valley Coursing Club Other  OC
Lehigh Valley Kennel Club Other  W
Lehigh Valley Owner-Handler Association Other  XC
Lenape Golden Retriever Club Retriever (Golden)  SGG
Liberty English Cocker Spaniel Fanciers Spaniels (English Cocker)  SEC
Lower Bucks Dog Training Club Training  OG P.O. Box 476, Langhorne, PA
Mid-Atlantic St Bernard Club SAINT BERNARD  SKK
Mid-Susquehanna Valley Kennel Club Other  X
Mifflin County Dog Training Club Training  OH
Montgomery County Kennel Club Other  Y Fax 215-573-3544, e-mail
Mountain Laurel Kennel Club Other  ML
Mt Nittany Dog Training Club Training  OI
New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs Other  NJFD
Nita-Nee Kennel Club Other  Z
Obedience Training Class of Harrisburg Training  OJ
Old York Road Dog Training Club Training  OY
Penn Dutch Greater Pyrenees Club GREAT PYRENEES  SV
Penn Ridge Kennel Club Other  AA
Penn Treaty Kennel Club Other  BB
Philadelphia Dog Training Club Training  OL
Pocono Mountain Kennel Club Other  CC
Poodle Club of the Lehigh Valley Poodle (Standard)  SEE
Poodle Club of the Lehigh Valley (m) Poodle (Miniature)  SEE
Poodle Club of the Lehigh Valley (t) Poodle (Toy)  SEE
Quaker City Doberman Pinscher Club Doberman Pinscher  SO
Saucon Valley Boxer Club BOXER  SF
Schuylkill Valley German Shorthaired Pointer Club Pointers (German Shorthaired)  SDD
SE Keystone Chinese Shar-Pei Club Chinese Shar-Pei  SK
Siberian Husky Club of the Delaware Valley SIBERIAN HUSKY  SOO
Skycastle French Hounds Basset Hound  SFH
South Hills Kennel Club Other  HH
Suburban Dog Training Club Training  OM
Tri State Dog Obedience Club Inc. Training  ON
Valley Forge Kennel Club Other  FF
Waterland Retriever Club RETRIEVER  SHH
Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club Training  OS
William Penn Poodle Club Poodle (Toy)  SFF
William Penn Poodle Club (m) Poodle (Miniature)  SFF
William Penn Poodle Club (s) Poodle (Standard)  SFF
William Penn West Highland Terrier Club West Highland White Terrier  SVV E-mail
Williamsport Dog Training Club Training  OT
York County Dog Training Club Training  OW